Sunday, March 20, 2011

go4green - Makes its first entry in Adyar Times (20th March 2011)

Vibrant Nature's new Venture - go4green Store

Vibrant Nature has entered Retail Market. It has opened a new store 'go4green' in Chennai @ Adyar. This store covers a wide range of Natural Eco-Friendly products that could be replaced for plastic in our day to day life.

  • Want to gift your friends or family something artistic ? You get Sculptures carved out of single Coconut Husk here.
  • Wish to decorate your home with Eco-Friendly Lampshade? You get a wide range of Lampshades from Sisal fiber and Yarn here
  • Heard of Chains, Ear rings, Necklace made from Seed, Bamboo, Terracotta, Paper? You get them here.
  • Have you worn fabrics which have breathing and stress relief properties? You get Bamboo & Organic T-Shirts here.
  • Want to convert your office completely Eco-Friendly? You get Bamboo Pen, Neem Pencil, Palm leaf Folder, Screwpine Pen stand & Folders here
  • Want to use Natural bag for shopping? You get Screwpine, Water Hyezinth ladies hand bags and varieties of Shopping Bags here
  • Convert your kitchen in an antique way. You get Coconut Shell Cutlery, Degradable plates, Kal dosai pans here
Step in... Paint our World Green

Shop is @
13/4, 1st Floor, 3rd Cross street, 
Kasturbai Nagar,
Near Adyar Nalli Silks,
Chennai - 20
044 4320 1616