Sunday, May 2, 2010

Vibrant Nature's Article in THE HINDU Retail Plus

Through glasses tinted green

 An initiative for retail that hopes to replicate and reorganise mass consumption into everything green.

Vibrant Nature is a growing dedication that inspires society towards a Green World where natural, eco friendly and bio degradable handicrafts and everyday use products become natural substitutes for many plastic and synthetic products. S. Ramakrishnan, the founder of Vibrant Nature is the man with a vision for Green India. The fledgling company is now four-years-old and has developed over a 100 different products from natural fibres, textiles and other locally available raw material.

Coconut shells and husk, banana fibres and treated banana peels, palm leaves, kora grass, aloe vera and palm leaves are only few examples of the various natural products used to make mind boggling eco friendly products.

Research and development and a keen interest in aesthetics drive Ramakrishnan and his team to create several innovative products. Whole villages have been mobilized into contributing fibres and material hitherto unused or wasted. Local bodies encouraged by Vibrant Nature are enthused by the prospect generating new product lines and income generating projects.

Ramakrishnan says, "Substitution is the key to slowly move towards a green world. Disposable party plates and bowls made out of areca nut fibres could easily replace plastic or paper plates.Plastic containers could be replaced by palm leaf or coconut leaf baskets. Desk top stationary such as pen stands, folders and file cabinets can be made of natural fibres like jute and palm leaf, are eco friendly options."

The latest innovation is the bamboo fibre tee shirt which is all the rage in the Far East and is one of China's largest exports to the West.

Going Green is sometimes an expensive proposition, given that the cost of synthetic stuff is comparatively less. Ramakrishnan says mass production is the key to keeping costs low. This ensures that most segments of the society move towards organic and natural products.

Vibrant Nature sources a huge quantity of raw material that goes through a stringent selection and treatment process before it evolves into a final product. Hundreds of dried coconut shells are examined before sculpting one perfect beatific Ganesha or being shaped into a set of six identical cups.

Vibrant Nature will soon launch a retail outlet in Besant Nagar called Go For Green. It is a dream come true for Ramakrishna who has also recently been instituted in the National Fibre Policy Council formed by the Ministry of Textile, Government of India. The store will stock hand made products that include textiles, kitchen ware, stationary, hand crafted jewellery, tableware like plates, cups, table mats, footwear made of sisal, home accessories like table lamps, runners and decorative floor mats.

Ramakrishnan says, "It is a small step in the right direction and there is so much more ahead."

Vibrant Nature can be contacted on 9940024372.


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